Celebrating Some Outstanding Yogis

Last night was our 6th Birthday at SPY so we threw ourselves a party. The practice was nice and sweaty and the refreshments were tasty. Just as important as the fun was the opportunity to recognize some the folks who have helped to make SPY the awesome community that it is. Without YOU, this place would not be, so thank you for all that you do to make SPY special. 

If you missed the Yogi Achievement awards, we had some fun. Some of the awards are based on real data, some are just for giggles. All are part of makes our community great. Here is the breakdown:

Highest Class Attendance  2016 (Male)
Cory Weston (446)

Highest Class Attendance 2016 (Female)
Heather Downs (334)

Most Workshops Attended in 2016 (Female)
Liz Howard 

Most Workshops Attended in 2016 (Male)
Robert Rollings

Sweatiest Yogi
Jamie Downs

Most Likely to Come in After Class Starts
Maureen Simmons

Most Likely to Flip a Bird to the Teacher
Chad Mabry

Most Likely to Leave Before Savasana
She Left

Most Enthusiastic New Yogi
Frida Raley

Most Likely to Stand Up in Class to Let the Teacher Know its Too Hot
Miranda Marchant

Most Likely to Kick Up in Handstand
MaryBrooke Sligh

Most Likely to Have Glass of Wine after Yoga
Shari Miltiades

Ninja Award - Takes Classes All the Time and You may Not Even Know it
Jennifer Hale

Best Overall Attitude
Amy Hughes

Most Likely to Hold Hands in Savasana
Patrick and Jennifer Carver
Andres Hernandez and  Sara Simmons

Y'alll make SPY what it is  - a place to work hard, play hard and connect with others. I look forward to at least 6 more years with you.

See you on your mat,



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