Everything Is A Practice

I found yoga when I was fresh out of college with so many assumptions about how my life was going to progress. I thought I was going to move West, get a job as a documentary film editor, and maintain a practice to stay in shape. When no jobs or cities were standing out, I decided to stay in Savannah. Meanwhile, something was starting to happen on my mat.

A couple years in I signed up for Yoga Camp, a seven day intensive. The state of exhaustion I was practicing in at the end of some days was not defeating, but powerful. The moments when I was laser focused on my breath just to stay on my mat is where the magic lived. I got a glimpse into the world of yoga that has lived long before me, and I began to find comfort in the fact that yoga was never ending. There would always be a new edge to explore.

After Yoga Camp I had no intention of moving on to teacher training because I was so new to the practice still. I was in class with yogis who had been practicing longer than I had been alive. What was I to share with them that they didn’t already know? But, I did it anyways. I needed to learn more.

I think of my teacher training experience as one that taught me the very basics of how to be the human I wanted to be. I unlearned the need to control everything around me or have the future figured out. I no longer needed to be right all of the time. I was given the space to hear my own thoughts and not jump to conclusions. I literally and figuratively saw myself. I saw every autopilot response, insecurity, smile, breakthrough, and it all felt authentic. 

Most importantly I learned that everything I do is a practice, and it started with getting on my mat. Relationships are a practice, eating nutritionally is a practice, getting enough sleep is a practice. Nothing I practice will ever be perfect, but every time I slip up there is a chance to come back and try again with mindful awareness.

I used to think that being a yoga teacher meant my practice was over and I couldn’t be the student I wanted to be. Now I understand that teaching is a practice too.

I did not have the desire to start teaching after I received my 200 hour certification, but I used what I learned as a foundation for my own asana practice. This year I am participating in PVTT again, with hopes of teaching at SPY in the fall. Though I may be presented with the same information, my takeaway will be completely new. 

I don’t know your story, your whys or why nots, but I know that SPY’s teacher training program is designed to meet you where you are. I excited to begin again, and I hope you’ll meet me there, ready for anything.



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