Yoga as Technology

Technology: science or knowledge put into practical use to solve problems

It’s hard to admit out loud, but I have problems. They range from the mundane - I have to get the laundry, grocery shopping and house cleaning done - to the complex - I run a business with 25 team members and 500+ customers. These responsibilities in and of themselves are not problems, but sometimes it can feel overwhelming. 

Right now, my problem shows up as me feeling overwhelmed. At other points in my life my problems were different - I was unemployed, I was taking care of a sick parent, I was heart-broken.

This is where yoga comes in and this is why I often think of yoga as a technology. The breath, the movement, the practice of constantly redirecting of my attention to the present moment are the practical tools I use to help solve my problems. Time on my mat can put little  distance between me and the problem at hand. Yoga reminds me that I do have control over my thoughts and actions and I am at the helm, setting my own course and creating my own experience of my life. I can choose to feel overwhelmed or I can keep coming back to the present moment and directing my attention to what I am doing right now. 

Yoga doesn’t work, in the same way that technology sitting on a shelf doesn't work. Getting on my mat or meditation cushion - using the tools of breath and present moment awareness - is what works.


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