In Inquiry
In Inquiry
Yoga is at its essence the study of the Self. The path to Self-realization requires inquiry, study and reflection. What are the important questions? Where can I look for answers? What does it all mean?

Yoga Camp, Day 3

The last couple of days I can best describe as demanding: we start with morning meditation, then 3+ hours of Yoga practice, interactive lectures and fine tuning our individual Yoga poses and transitions.

I started Yoga June 1, 2015 because a good friend strongly suggested that I try Yoga and since I had recently retired I thought, why not? Of course, I met Kim and Kate at the counter and I have been coming back ever since.  I find the Yoga community at Savannah Power Yoga to be an astounding group of people and the members of my teacher training class are even more astounding as I get to know them better, day by day.  We share our thoughts and problems, both on the mat and off, and watch out for each other, both on the mat and off.  Tired as we are, emotions can run high from time to time, and yet we are there for each other and keep pushing forward to learn and improve our practice.

Yesterday I flipped my dog for the first time and after class as I was going to my car to get a change of clothes I ran into a delightful member of our SPY community who asked me how I was doing at Camp and I told her about flipping my dog and with her marvelous dry humor and not skipping a beat she said “Oh, what kind of dog do you have”.

Today we start with a Power Hour and then investigate back bends, break for lunch and come back to discuss the Yoga sutras. After that, Kate has more for us, but has kept exactly what that is as a surprise.


Yogis on a Quest

Have you ever wondered what was involved in becoming a certified Yoga Instructor?

Ten of us applied for and started Yoga Camp this past Friday, June 9, 2017.  One from Kentucky, one from Athens, GA and the rest from the more immediate Savannah area.  Yoga Camp is a seven day ordeal of back-to-back yoga sessions, lectures and inquiry, in mainly 10-12 hour days. Our lead instructor is Kate and her number two is Kim.

After Yoga Camp we pick up 4 more students for the four in-depth weekends of instruction across the summer.  Teacher training ends Aug 27, 2017.

We started last Friday evening with a Fast Flow class led by Biza; for those of you that don’t know her, she is a short, energetic woman who almost vibrates with energy even when standing still. I had taken a day and a half break from my practice to prepare for Camp and felt really happy to be back on my mat and then class started and Biz played a great playlist to practice by with some occasional commentary thrown in.  Fast Flow feels like an hour's worth of Yoga in 45 minutes; a great energetic way to start Yoga Camp.

After class we got to change clothes and then meet each other, received our training manuals and we dug right in establishing expectations and procedures for the rest of Yoga Camp and Teacher Training.

Saturday morning at 9:00AM we started our day with 90 minutes of Power Max led by Kim, another energetic woman who does Roller Derby for fun, followed 30 minutes later by an hour of Power Basic led by Kate, our lead instructor and owner of the studio, then followed by about 15 minutes of meditation.

We had time to change clothes, hydrate and grab a quick bite between classes and then participated in a discussion about What is Yoga? The afternoon and early evening were spent in a fairly intensive investigation of Mountain Pose and how it carries into the standing poses. This included lecture as well as physical demonstration by Kim and our own efforts to properly perform the poses.

We finished our first full day tired but satisfied with our efforts and the amazing amount of information passed on to us by Kate.

-written by Steve Bellmoff