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Dr. Junger's Clean Detox Program

We have the power to heal ourselves by changing the way we eat, move and think. Clean is not another fad diet or quick fix. This program will help you discover what foods offer you health and vitality and what foods trigger dis-ease.

The Clean Programs, developed by Alejandro Junger, M.D., provides a platform to rejuvenate your body, clear your mind, and give you energy.....and you’ll probably lose a few pounds in the process.  

The Clean Program is based on the New York Times bestseller, Clean by Dr. Alejandro Junger.  In the book, Dr. Junger explores how we have moved from a society that once ate food that was grown locally and seasonally to a culture that eats “food-like products” that have the potential to make us sick. 

The purpose of the Clean Program is to identify and eliminate foods that may be causing an allergic and toxic reaction in your body.  These reactions may express themselves in various ways, including fatigue, bloating, itchy skin, rashes, constipation, upset stomach or sleep disturbances.  By eliminating five of the most common food allergens, you not only get rid of symptoms, but also get to the root of what was making you feel bad in the first place. At the end of the Clean Program, you will begin the methodical process of Re-Introduction.  This allows you to discern what foods may or may not be toxic triggers for you.  

The Clean Program is not about deprivation.  It gives you the structure to eat foods that are vitamin and nutrient rich, creating health and healing from the inside out.

The team at Savannah Power Yoga, in partnership with local restaurants, will offer support and guidance throughout the entire program.  Stephanie Mobley, MSW, is a Certified Yoga Teacher and Clean Wellness Coach.  Stephanie will be leading the Clean Program at Savannah Power Yoga.

Why join the group?

Stephanie has participated in upwards of 12 of the Clean Programs that have taken place at Savannah Power Yoga. More than 300 people have chosen SPY as their local Clean Home and they have shared that being a part of a group was vital in their commitment to change and to completing the program (even if they were not perfect!).

What's included in the 21 day Group Program?

  • 4 meetings 
  • A closed and confidential Facebook Group for ongoing support
  • Access to countless Clean recipes from Stephanie, the Clean team, and Clean Alumni
  • A food journal to record your progress
  • Tips, tricks and tools of what has REALLY worked for past participants
  • If you purchase the Meetings + Yoga package, 21 days of unlimited yoga is included
Meetings are held Monday nights from 7:30 - 8:30 pm. We record the meetings for later viewing if you are out of town or unable to join the meeting in person.

What's included in the 7 day Group Program?

  • A closed and confidential Facebook Group for ongoing support
  • Q&A sessions via Facebook Live
  • Access to countless Clean recipes from Stephanie, the Clean team, and Clean Alumni
  • Optional meal plans and shopping lists
  • A food journal to record your progress
  • Tips, tricks and tools of what has REALLY worked for past participants
  • 7 days of unlimited yoga

Want a more personalized experience?

Whether you're working through medical issues, or just feel more comfortable in a one-on-one experience, you may contact Stephanie ( for private counseling through the 7 or 21 Day Clean Program.


21 Days
$175 - Meetings + 21 Days of Unlimited Yoga
$75 - Just the Meetings (for existing pass holders only, please sign up at SPY to get this special price)

7 Days
$50 - Includes 7 Days of Unlimited Yoga, Facebook Live Q&A Sessions, Meal Plans, Recipes, & Shopping Lists

Price varies as it is based on individual needs.

Pricing does not include the book, Clean. You may purchase a copy at SPY or online.

If you register for CLEAN with a friend, you both get 20% off the price of program participation. This must be done in person at SPY or you can call us at (912) 349-2756.

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Watch this short video in which Dr. Alejandro Junger explains his Clean Gut program

For the cleanse you will be eating a liquid meal for breakfast (e.g. smoothies or juices) and dinner (e.g. shakes or soups) and a solid meal from the Cleanse Elimination Diet for lunch. Check out this sample menu below.

Your Clean Coach


Stephanie Mobley is one of a few Certified Clean Coaches in the world. She completed her certification through Dr. Junger's Clean Coach Certification Program in May, 2015 and is ready to lead you through your next journey into wellness!

Clean Testimonials

For what it may be worth, if nothing else interesting, I have something I would like to share.

I have had a struggle my entire adult life with my level of LDL's, the bad cholesterol, and I take a prescription to help lower it. But, it always is higher than I would like. I eat the same foods as Susan, but get entirely different results.

Susan took the clean program and I decided that rather than have two different meals I would eat the "clean" meals too. We even got a vita-mix to help with the process. I did not take the class because I like to have a drink at the end of the day and was not willing to give that up.

So to the story, I get my cholesterol tested about once maybe twice a year. After she took the class, I noticed my LDL's were below 100. A rare event. So I kept with the diet, 4 months ago the LDL's were 91, today I had an appointment with my doctor to go over the latest results, they are 61 a decrease of more than 30%. There is no drug on the market that can lower it that much. Believe me I have tried.

This is the lowest it has ever been in my life. It is as a result of the plant based diet and the things we both learned from clean. Thanks for introducing me to it. It is a life changing event and I feel much better on it.

Dave Ason

I really enjoyed being part of the CLEAN program. I think the most important take away points are very simple, The first being is that we always have had control over what we eat, but we never consciously exercise that control. An elimination diet such as the CLEAN program allows that to be done not just once, but on an as needed basis. This is similar to going to yoga classes on regular basis which gradually improves your control over your body. Continued practice improves on that. The second thing is that many of the people that at risk aren't aware that they really do not have these control mechanisms in place prior to suffering the secondary effects of obesity, diabetes, hypertension and heart disease. I also noticed that many of the participants are women. Yet the people that are the most risk were actually not in the room. The fantastic thing is that the participants act as ambassadors within their own homes for their husbands and children, they take a great deal of understanding home with them. I believe that that is the biggest first step towards improving the general health in our homes and communities! Thankfully, this improves our personal health, but makes our common future one worthy of the effort! I will miss you all tonight, but look forward to seeing you in class!

Thanks again,

Dr. Robert Rollings