Frequently Asked Questions


What if I have to miss a portion of the training?

Missed sessions must be arranged in advance and will be handled on a case-by-case basis. In most cases you will be required to make up the missed workshop or classes by scheduling one or more private sessions with the Program Director or another SPY teacher. Standard private class pricing will apply ($80-$90/hour)

Is there homework?

Yes! An important part of your development as a teacher involves personal study. You will be expected to attend classes regularly, read a number of texts and submit several written documents. The Yoga 101 program requires approximately 66 hours outside of the formal training for reading, writing and attending classes. The Power Vinyasa Teacher Training requires about 30 hours of reading, writing and practice teaching outside of the workshop hours. 

Who will be teaching the program?

Kate Doran, RYT 500 will be leading most of the program. Senior Teacher Kim Norvell will also assist with the lectures and practice teaching sessions.

What type of certification will I have when I am done?

The completion of the 200 Hour Program will give you the ability to submit your diploma to Yoga Alliance and receive your 200 HR Registered Yoga Teacher Certificate. The 100 Hour Power Vinyasa Teacher Training will give you 100 hours of CEU’s and may make you eligible for the E-RYT certification (you also need a significant number of teaching hours under your belt for this). You may also put the 100 hours toward a Yoga Alliance accredited 300 Hour Certification. Read more about the Yoga Alliance certification requirements online here:

How much yoga experience do I need to enroll in the program?

You simply need to love yoga and be willing to commit to a regular practice to enroll in the 200 Hour program. The length of the program allows you to deepen your practice while you are learning. You should already have a strong (4-5x per week) vinyasa/power yoga practice before enrolling in the Power Vinyasa Teacher Training. 

What if I don’t know if I want to teach yoga?

The Yoga 101 program is designed to allow you to explore the world of yoga and its rich history. I would suggest that you start with just the Yoga 101 program and decide whether a rigorous teaching program is for you before the second module begins. Many people enroll in teacher training programs simply hoping to deepen their own practice but later find that they really enjoy sharing their love for yoga by teaching classes.

Where can I teach when I am done with the program?

SPY has a mentoring and apprenticeship program which would be the first step toward teaching regular classes at the studio. More information will be available on this and other opportunities to teach during the PVTT program. 

Do you offer scholarships or financial aid?

We have opportunities to trade work at the studio for part of your tuition. We also have a payment plan option. If you area military spouse, you can pay for the program using MyCAA funds. Please contact us for more information.