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All of our classes are based on the Baptiste Power Vinyasa method and most are practiced in a room heated to about 90 degrees. Check out the class descriptions below and pick a class that sounds right for you! You can use our ONLINE CLASS SCHEDULE to preregister for classes.

$6 Community Classes

These classes are designed to support the community in three ways (1) lower prices make yoga accessible to everyone (2) apprentice teachers get a chance to learn the trade through hands-on experience (3) all profits support local and global charities. Price: $6 or you can use your unlimited or other class pass. These classes are heated unless otherwise noted.

Gentle Power (Not Heated)

This class is designed to move and stretch your body at a slower pace. If you are looking for a class without any jumping or fancy arm balances, this is the class for you. We do not heat the room during this practice.

Power Basics

This class will teach you the fundamental poses and breathing techniques used in all of our power yoga classes. If you are new to the practice, looking to fine-tune some of your poses, and/or you want a slower paced flow - this is a great class for you!

Power Yoga Principles

This 8 week program is intended for students who are new to yoga as well as those hoping to learn more about finding their best alignment in each of the poses in our power yoga practice. Each class will provide a complete yoga session, with additional emphasis on the "poses of the week." Although the class is intended to provide a progressive learning experience over eight weeks, new students may join at any time. See below for dates and topics.

Power Hour

In just one hour you will stretch your muscles, build strength, find your balance, open your hips, get upside down and enjoy some stillness. You will leave feeling refreshed and invigorated.

Power Max

If you are looking for a practice that will challenge you physically and mentally, this is the class for you. These 75-90 minutes classes will stretch and strengthen your body, and cultivate balance. You will be wrung out and then juiced back up, ready to face any challenge that comes your way.

Power Up/Power Down 

In this class you will find stillness in power, then experience the power in stillness. The first half of class you'll burn off some steam in a a vigorous power flow practice similar to our power hour class. The last half you'll slow down and enjoy some deep stretching and restorative poses designed to open the body, release tension, and quiet the mind. You will leave feeling strengthened, lengthened, centered and restored.

Power Down (not heated)

If you are looking for a restorative flow class, this is for you! Join us for an hour of focused stretching and deep relaxation. This class is not heated.

Meditation ($6 Community Class)

This 60 minute class will take you on a journey into deep relaxation. Learn the tools to help you meditate more easily and find equanimity. We will focus on stress reduction, burning away negative patterns, easing insomnia and depression, relieving anxiety and resolving conflicts that hold you back from your true self.

Through the breath work of Pranayama we begin to still the inner chatter. Through guided meditation you begin to learn how to release and free yourself of negative habits. Yoga Nidra is the practice of deep yoga relaxation beyond the Savasana that ends most yoga classes. Nidra induces a profound state of receptive relaxation while remaining totally aware and alert throughout the process.

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