What Should I Expect?

Welcome to one of the most exciting parts of your yoga journey! As a new student you'll have the opportunity to quickly discover strength, flexibility and stamina that may have been dormant for a long time. You will sweat. You will feel energized. If you don't feel better after class, we'll give you your money back.*


What Do I Need to Wear/Bring to Class?

Clothes: Wear clothes that will stretch with you and breathe. A fitted top or one that you can tuck in will be helpful in upside down poses like downward facing dog. We practice barefoot.

Yoga Mat & Towel: We recommend that you bring your own yoga mat and a hand towel. If you have a yoga towel (e.g. Yogitoes) you'll want to bring it too. First time students may borrow a mat and a hand towel for free. After your first visit, mat rentals are $2 and hand towel rentals are $1. Yogitoes may be rented for $2 each. We also have showers and rent bath towels for $2.

Water: We recommend that you bring a water bottle. We have a reverse osmosis water dispenser. We also sell bottled water and electrolyte-rich coconut water.


What's a typical class like?

Class begins with a few minutes of breathing and centering to let go of any distractions and get focused. We'll then move through a series of invigorating sun salutations to wake up the body. We'll work on balancing poses to cultivate equanimity, then get grounded with some strong standing poses. The backbending series will ignite the nervous system and open your heart. A set of core strengthening poses will be followed by some upside-down time. Advanced students may practice headstands and handstands while beginners are taught poses which will build the strength for these more challenging poses. A series of hip openers will release deep seated tension, followed by some seated poses which will soothe the nervous system. We always end with several minutes of deep relaxation, sealing in the effects of the practice, leaving you feeling relaxed and energized.

Many of our classes are heated to 90 degrees. This will foster more flexibility, improve circulation, and help you get your sweat on! If you prefer a cooler class, try our Gentle Power classes.

*students asking for a refund will be asked to fill out a feedback from and let us know how we can improve our service.



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If You are Brand New to SPY


You are ready now! Immerse yourself in yoga and create a healthy new habit. Valid for one month of unlimited group yoga classes. Your pass activates on the date of your first class.



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